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  • Searches, with Report and Found Prior Art

    $500 to $600

  • Provisional Patent Application

    $750 to $990*

  • Non-Provisional Patent Application (Utility Patent Application)

    $3,000 to $4,500*

  • Divisional, Continuation, and CIP – Varies

    Contact to Discuss*

  • Design Patent Application

    $200 to $300*

  • PCT Patent Application (International Patent Application)

    $700 to $900**

  • Notice of Missing Parts Response

    $100 to $300

  • Restriction Requirement Response


  • Office Action Responses

    $500 to $1,000*

  • Assignments (transfers of ownership), includes recording

    $75 to $150

*What’s Not Included in Our Patent Service Fees

In all of our above fees regarding the various patent services, our fee does NOT include any applicable USPTO fees (or any other governmental fees). For example, the provisional filing fee may be $65 for micro-entity and $130 for a small entity.

Additionally, our fees do not include the cost to prepare any required drawings (figures).

However, for provisional patent applications, formal drawings are not required and even plain hand drawings may be sufficient for provisional filing purposes, so that may be an option to keep costs down.

However, a non-provisional patent application and a design patent application, as well as a PCT patent application all require formal patent drawings – if drawings are required.

We can further discuss what to expect and plan for with drawing costs.

**PCT International Patent Application Drafting and Filing Costs

The above quoted cost is if there is a strong parent application to base the PCT application off of, e.g. a strong provisional or strong non-provisional.

Whereas, if the PCT application is a first filing, then see the above pricing with respect to non-provisional patent applications.

And lastly, see the above note under * with respect to other costs, i.e. USPTO filing costs and the cost to have drawings prepared.


  • Trademark Comprehensive Clearance Search

    $750 and up

  • Trademark Registration Application (federal/USPTO)

    $300 to $500**

  • Prepare and file a Statement of Use, Amendment of Allegation of Use, or an Extension of Time to Respond

    $100 to $150

  • Office Action Responses

    $300 to $800

  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Proceedings

    • Opposition Proceeding, preparing and filing Opposition or Answer


    • Other TTAB Proceedings


**What’s Not Included in Our Trademark Service Fees

In all of our above fees regarding the various trademark services, our fees do NOT include any applicable USPTO fees. For example, the initial application filing cost for an electronic filing generally is $225 or $275, per class.

Additionally, our fees do not include the cost to prepare any required “specimens” which may be a photograph of your product, packaging, and/or website showing your mark and your goods/services together.

Business Entity Formation

  • Corporation, formation including preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation and Statement of Information

    • S Corp.

      $399 + $125 CA State fees

    • C Corp.

      $399 + $125 CA State fees

    • Close Corp.

      $399 + $125 CA State fees

    • Professional Corp. (PC)

      $499 + $125 CA State fees

    • Non-Profit Corporations

      $399 + $55 CA State fees

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    $399 + $90 CA State fees

  • General Partnership

    • Partnership Agreement


  • Limited Partnership (LP)

    $499 + $70 CA State fees

    • Partnership Agreement


  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    $499 + $70 CA State fees

  • DBA/Fictitious Business Name Filings


Litigation and Disputes

  • Cease and Desist Letters

    $500 to $1,000

  • Filing Complaint

    $2,000 and up

  • Filing Answer or other Response to Complaint

    $2,000 and up

  • Domain Name Dispute Arbitration per ICANN UDRP

    $1,000 and up

  • Ongoing litigation support, including Discovery

    at $150 per hour, with $5,000 Retainer

Licensing Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements of Patents, and Patent Applications

    $800 to $2,000